Pan Music Festival Korea


Online Concert

C-Camerata Taipei presents:

1. Hwang-Long Pan 《East and West VIII》(2014)

for mixed ensemble
2. Youngkwang Yang 《chroma》(2021)

for Sheng and Ensemble (pipa, violin, violoncello and percussion)
3. Michael Sidney Timpson 《Nine Parts》

for 7 Players + 1 Percussionist (2021) (Taipei Rock)
4. Jacob David Sudol 《Longing Wind 》 (2020)

for sheng, percussion, piano, guzheng, cello, and electronics
5. Jaekyung Lim 《醉生》(2021)

for Sheng and percussion
6. Chao-Ming Tung 《The Sun in the Storm》(2020)

for mixed ensemble


AspekteSalzbug Festival 2021

On—Line Concert

East and West –C-Camerata Taipei


Hwang-Long Pan, „East and West VIII“ (2014)

Klaus Ager, „7 Wege in H.“ (2018)

Michael Mautner, „39,4 für Violine und Klavier“ (1990)

Chao-Ming Tung, „Die Sonne im Sturm“ (2020)


Selected clips of the concert III Exploration between the West and the East